Accreditation From Organizations: The Joint Commission

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There are several organizations around the world that issue permits, accreditation, or certification for the healthcare sector. One of these non-profit organizations is The Joint Commission, when viewed in detail by which the clinic must meet certain standards. Accreditations differ depending on the segment of the medical institution. The standards by which the assessment takes place are available within the manuals produced by the company. Obtaining certification allows the clinic to increase the level of trust from clients through the confirmation of the level of medicine and internal policies.

Antimicrobial use must be declared in the hospital and is also part of the assessment. Preservation and structuredness of data on clinical outcomes are important. In addition to the antimicrobial use criteria such as readmission, length of stay, and mortality should be included (Goff et al., 2017). For the correct execution of these criteria, clinics and their administrative and medical departments must be prepared for structuring and storing information. In the modern world, there are IT solutions that optimize this process (Goff et al., 2017). Hospitals can use a variety of programs to collect and store data. Additionally, staff training can be provided to ensure that the hospital’s system is followed.

The supply, storage, and distribution of antimicrobial medicines also require separate policies, as they are monitored by The Joint Commission. Most hospitals have protocols, however, they are not always followed by staff due to a lack of regulatory measures (Goff et al., 2017). At the same time, adherence to such standards is critical for the health of patients. For regulation, a mission for the application and registration of antimicrobial medicines can be indicated for the nursing staff. Moreover, information about correct use can be communicated to patients. One of the modern methods of delivering such information is social media, where interactive communication is available in the form of posts (Goff et al., 2017). Additionally, formal regulatory measures can be put forward if the established rules are not followed.

One of the other important standards assessed by The Joint Commission for hospitals is leadership level. It is divided into several criteria based on which the overall result is derived. Criteria include willingness to stand on principle, trust, and confidence (Goff et al., 2017). For a leader to act as a role model, inspire, influence, engage, and motivate, the correct strategy on the part of the hospital is essential to achieve the best possible outcome. The strategy can include training, improved staff selection, and identification of promising personal characteristics. Additionally, hospitals can examine the barriers that hinder the development of leaders within their setting (Goff et al., 2017). The presence of leaders within the company is important not only for passing accreditations but also for the development of the company itself.

Finally, accreditation from organizations such as The Joint Commission is an indicator of the quality of the hospital’s day-to-day operations and its prospects. However, the review consists of many criteria, all of which are important for the final assessment. To meet these aspects of The Joint Commission’s assessment, hospitals need to do a preliminary study of the manuals and, if necessary, develop and adapt to meet or exceed the criteria. With this approach, hospitals have the opportunity not only to obtain accreditation but also to improve the quality of their services.


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