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To start the presentation, its main goals and objectives must be introduced. First of all, this pitch has been created to introduce the company as well as its founder. Second, the creative plan of the business will be promoted through the information provided on the slides. Then, several points will be focused on highlighting the company’s target clientele, main principles, and product catalog. Of course, the presentation will provide insight into why this particular idea is profitable and original. Ultimately, several photos will be shown to demonstrate exemplary images of the products and services. In that way, the pitch will play a central role in organizing the creator’s main plans for the company, while also advertising the already made and developed items.

About the Company

First, we must discuss some basic information regarding the brand. AUX Angels is a company that is focused on selling beauty and cosmetic products. The product catalog includes a whole range of items, such as various lashes, contact lenses, and oils. The AUX acronym stands for Angels Unreal Luxury, as the name already suggests a high-quality approach to providing beauty services.

Angels Unreal Luxury is a business-oriented towards producing and selling cosmetics and skincare products.

The company prioritizes authenticity, eco-friendliness, and affordable prices, as Nikki, the founder, chooses a personal approach to running the business. In that way, using only natural and skin-friendly ingredients not only decreases the chances of skin conditions but additionally promotes the gradual improvement of the client’s skin and self-esteem.

Target Clientele

Next, each company usually identifies a specific target group to sell products to. This brand is inclusive to all customers who value exceptional beauty and skincare products. In that way, no emphasis is placed on the gender, political, or socio-economic stance of the client; the brand policy is based on diversity and appreciation of personal care units. Additionally, while offering luxurious items and packaging, the receivers of such products can be cosmetics enthusiasts. A gift bag from AUX Angels can ensure full face coverage for any event. On the other hand, the clients may also use the products for a natural glowing look. Most importantly, the brand of Angels Unreal Luxury should accentuate the concepts of inclusivity, diversity, and shared passion for the beauty community.

Providing Luxury Services

It is essential to highlight the role of luxury in the brand, as it directly implies a certain level to the selling and marketing of the products.

In general, luxury can be seen as an opportunity to experience top-quality services and receive premium-quality products. As clients are always searching for optimal deals, Angels Unreal Luxury will be able to offer them to loyal customers. Moreover, the principle of selling extravagant beauty items only improves the company’s reputation, a timeless fashionable decision. The marketing campaign features a well-presented and styled series of professional photoshoots, a key detail to maintain the brand’s quality reputation. A reasonable price list will also attract new clients while retaining the luxurious quality.

Individuality and Personal Investment

One critical factor that affects the success of every company is the involvement percentage of its creator in all of the processes. While many modern brands operate through unethical and massive factorial productions, Angels Unreal Luxury is based on a more individualistic approach. The idea of handmade and personally designed products increases the client’s chances of receiving high-quality skincare items. In that way, it is also a reliable gift idea for family and friends, as people will only purchase from trustworthy sources for their loved ones. Furthermore, the founder’s decision to test each cosmetic on themselves reiterates the value placed on company status and reputation while also guaranteeing the same treatment of the customers. Conducting meticulous checking of each product, in turn, decreases the probability of selling items with defects of various kinds.

Other Advantageous Properties

Apart from the personalized company approach, the cosmetics can be characterized by additional favorable properties:

  • Vegan – are safe options for vegan clients;
  • Lightweight – can be stored and transported easily;
  • Cruelty-free –not tested on any animals;
  • Hypoallergenic –causes fewer allergies for sensitive skin;
  • Tested on founder – guarantees top wearable quality;
  • Luxury packaging – can become a cherished gift idea;
  • Natural and dramatic effect – a variety of desired looks;
  • Maximum wearing comfort – is ideal for a full day of coverage, including morning and night routines.

In that way, the company offers a wide range of products for various beauty routines and is inclusive to all makeup users. It is critical to ensure that the brand does not support any ethically wrong business procedures.

Advertising Campaign

One’s ability to productively promote their brand is the key to successful and effective deals. The company will be primarily advertised on its website, which will include the whole catalog of products, their prices, and delivery information. The presented information will also include essential statements on the company policy, values, and principles of offering services. Social media is a cost-effective method of sharing the brand’s name across the world. Therefore, platforms such as Instagram and Facebook will be the central applications for sharing new cosmetics updates and communicating with clients. Utilizing various online platforms for advertising campaigns proves to be a rational decision as it allows the management of the brand in financially optimal conditions.

Available Products

The company is constantly working on new items and improved versions of existing ones. The list of available products includes:

  • 28 different contact lenses with all the colors naturally combined
  • lashes on 3 different eyes: brown eyes, blue eyes, and male eyes.

The various types of lashes can be found in the store:

  • 15 strip-lashes, with adhesive glue and applicators
  • 6 half lashes, with adhesive glue and applicators
  • 8 magnetic lashes, with adhesive glue and applicators
  • 6 color lashes, with adhesive glue and applicators
  • individual lashes, with adhesive glue and applicators.

One of the first skincare products released is the golden magic oil that had been made with natural homemade ingredients. Of course, more ideas are being worked on at the moment, following similar homemade ingredients.


The presented ideas on the Angels Unreal Luxury brand outline its main business goals and principles, values, and products list. As the company promotes inclusivity and diversity, the planned target clientele will be represented by clients who cherish high-quality beauty care products. The marketing will also showcase such principles, as models of different genders and ethnicities will be participating in photoshoots. Moreover, the company is oriented towards creating the least ethically and environmentally detrimental items, referring to modern accessible methods. The luxurious reputation of the company will be supported by its loyal customers and the required product standards. Essentially, the list of products offered can be found on the AUX Angels website and social media accounts. Clear communication with clients using any online platform is a priority for the brand.

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