Analysis of Conflict Handling Style

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There are five main conflict-handling styles, which evaluate various aspects of approach to conflict situations. I have completed the survey to determine my styles and found out that the collaboration style is my preferred. It would be optimal to adopt the style according to the concrete conflict (Thomas 266). However, people tend to use their preferred style in critical conditions, hence it is important to acknowledge strengths and weaknesses of each style to utilize them properly.

According to the survey results, my dominant style is collaboration with 17 points. Collaboration style values relationships as much as personal goals. It may appear to be an optimal style as it pursues a win-win solution. The mentioned style may be beneficial when the relationships between main stakeholders are crucial and there are sufficient resources and time to develop a proper decision. Nevertheless, resources, including time are frequently limited and sometimes there may be no possible win-win decision at all. Therefore, the style might not be suitable for urgent problems, requiring immediate solution to prevent further harm.

The survey also identified my least favored conflict management style. Avoiding style received the minimum amount of points as it is not as used by me as other styles. Such results are relatively predictable as avoiding style may appear to be the opposite of collaboration. The style may be useful, when the conflict is insignificant and not worth the time and effort. It may also be efficient in case the sides need time to rationally evaluate their goals. The mentioned style also has some considerable drawbars, including possibility to worsen the situation if used improperly. Another issue is that the parties of the conflict may perceive disengagement as a sign of incompetence.


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