Angie Thomas’ “The Hate U Give”

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Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give, a film adaptation, is composed of action, comedy, romance, and other genres and focuses on common forms of racism derived from society. Therefore, the topic of the essay relates to racism and police brutality, which is vividly observed throughout the film. The story revolves around a young black man Khalil who gets shot by the police officers and his friend Starr who witnesses the event and suffers from loss (Angie). Starr’s identity is primarily determined by her race, and Khalil’s death is a result of the ingrained racism in the police force (Angie). The excessive police violence and criminalization of the black community in the United States is a significant issue that keeps bothering the world of today as well. African-Americans are more likely to be arrested than whites which typically lead to inequalities. Hence, the chosen novel should help to shed light on the problems of police brutality, racism, identity, and other struggles unbearable for a young person.

The methods used in the essay include analyzing the context of the story, characters’ behavior, and their inclinations. It is necessary to understand the context of these actions and conduct background research on racism and police brutality in order to trace their development in American society. Moreover, it is vital to trace the contrast between images and ideas while conducting an analysis. These methods can help find the necessary information and establish causal links to disclose the chosen concept.

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