Aspects of Relational Dialectics

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Relational dialectics is a concept of communication theory that focuses on relational contradictions. The concept views relations as a combination of tensions between two extreme measures. The three common of most common types of tensions include openness and closeness, connections and separation, and certainty and uncertainty (Communication theory). By focusing on tension in relationships and its extreme measures, the concept allows a different understanding of communication and behavioral factors that influence interpersonal relationships.

Relational dialectics are important for understanding human relationships and the outside pressures that influence communication between people. According to Parcell and Baker, relational dialectics allow specialists the opportunity to use contrapuntal analysis, a method that studies turning points in the relationship (673). The application of relational dialectics should be normalized as they are beneficial to studies in military and veteran-connected families (Parcell and Baker 673).

According to Rogan et al., the specialists could establish a framework that fits a broader set of relationship dynamics through the relational dialectic lens (2289). The authors suggest that the concept is important for understanding intercultural couples in many household aspects besides relationships. For example, it could be used to explain different preferences in food. Thus, relational dialectics are more useful in terms of family therapy practice and especially within families that feature intercultural relationships.

Therefore, the exploration of relationships through the prism of relational dialectics offers a wider understanding of interpersonal dynamics. The contradictions or tensions within the concept could be used to explain behavioral changes and their influence on interpersonal relationships. The concept should be normalized for wide use, as it provides a fresh perspective into family relationship studies and allows the exploration of families with complicated backgrounds.

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