Cancer: Chronic Disease Management

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The word “cancer” attracts a range of emotions from society. Some individuals view it as a battle or war which must be fought and use such terms as “battling” or “fighting” when talking about it. Approaching it in this manner mentally prepares the patient to face the illness. However, it can also place blame on innocent victims who die from the sickness through such phrases as “lost the battle with cancer”, implying that they did not fight hard enough to win the war. For other groups of people, the word causes a large amount of anxiety, so they prefer to call it “the C-word”. This euphemism may make it easier to accept and deal with the implications of a tumor prognosis. In general, human beings react in different ways to a terminal disease diagnosis.

Individuals with chronic illnesses face many challenges in dealing with the condition. It is hard to adjust because such a medical finding affects all aspects of a person’s existence and requires them to adjust accordingly. It can be mentally, emotionally, and physically strenuous to adapt to a new life. In Brenda’s case, her main concern was death because she felt she had not yet lived fully and experienced time with her children.

She overcame this with the assistance of the team of professionals, which illustrates the importance of practitioners’ input in combating a long-lasting disease. Coordination of care is vital for the unwell because they receive personalized help as was in Brenda’s case. On the other hand, it may exacerbate anxiety levels for the sick person and also lead to overtreatment. Patients need to assess the possible advantages and disadvantages of relying on health providers during their treatment.

Brenda had to make choices on the treatment courses to undertake. For instance, she had to decide when to take conservative approaches, such as chemotherapy and radiation, and when to take aggressive measures, such as surgery. She received support from both her family and a group of medical experts (Sean Perry Productions, 2013). However, this may not always be the case for all sick people. For instance, uninsured persons might have a lesser range of options because of financial constraints. Those who are the sole providers for their families might not have the luxury of halting work and focusing on getting well.

For the less privileged, some of the decisions involving their wellbeing are already made by fate. The long-term solution to such financial challenges is to subsidize healthcare in the country, thereby making it affordable for all. In the meantime, people raise funds by taking loans, receiving donations from friends, and crowd funding. Generally, patients try to adapt to the unfamiliar situations brought by the terminal diseases in the ways they see fit.

As a recommendation, people facing traumatic chronic conditions should surround themselves with as much support as they need. It is easier to overcome the challenges which come with the ailments with the help of a support system, which can be comprised of family, friends, and caregivers. It may also include hiring a mental wellness professional since such diseases can be emotionally overwhelming. Finally, the patients should seek to be enlightened on the illnesses as much as possible because it makes it easier to face them. It also ensures that the person is involved in their treatment, rather than leaving it solely to health providers.


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