Christian Doctrine Summarizing

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The Holy Trinity in Orthodoxy is a theological term that reflects the Christian doctrine of the Tri-Hypostasis of God. God is one in essence, but threefold in persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In this work, two passages are considered and presented: the Nicene Creed and the Gregory of Nazianzus. Both passages had a key influence on the definition of the Orthodox doctrine of the Trinity.

The Nicene Creed regards God as the Almighty and creator of all things. He was created from the flesh of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary and came to save mankind. Only God Alone can judge a person and forgive sins. The Nicene Creed believes in the resurrection of the dead. This view has great authority among Christian denominations, although it was not included in the New Testament.

Gregory of Nazianzus says that the Scriptures never proclaim the Holy Spirit as God. They believe that it is important to see the deeper meaning in the Scriptures before making sudden statements. In section 27, it is said that the Savior hid from his disciples the knowledge that the Spirit is God because he knew that they were not ready for it. It was believed that certain knowledge would come at a certain time, so it would be accepted by people. In section 28, Gregory of Nazianzus cites baptism as proof that the Holy Spirit is God.

The doctrine of the Trinity is undoubtedly one of the most complex aspects of Christian theology and it is one of the most important concepts of Orthodoxy. The dogma of the Most Holy Trinity is the foundation of the Christian religion.

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