Depression Scale for Geriatric Patients

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For the purpose of this assessment, an interview with a patient of 78 years old was conducted. As a result, a number of different problems varying by their severity have been identified. First, the woman was reported to be mildly depressed while she can overcome this state from time to time. Second, the points, which corresponded to her condition, were dropping activities and interests, the feeling of emptiness and boredom, perceived helplessness, and the preference to stay in the facility rather than go for a walk. In this way, all the identified issues were somehow interconnected.

The relevance of the problems described above to the patient is conditional upon their influence on her everyday life. The woman stated that their principal cause is her inability to follow through in any activity she undertakes. Consequently, the beginning of the depression is accompanied by the feelings specified in the course of the interview. Therefore, her situation can be considered as the case in which one circumstance triggers the emergence of other challenges of an emotional nature as a response to it. As a result, the struggles ascribed to this condition are connected to the inability to concentrate on any task for the amount of time required for accomplishing it.

In general, the scale for determining the presence of depression in patients was effective, but there are some areas, which could be improved. They are related to the fact that human behavior, which is essential for elaborating similar tools, is insufficiently covered by this instrument (Ferreira et al., 2018). However, in the questionnaire, only two questions out of fifteen reflect on one’s actions leading to this condition, and the primary focus is on feelings, which are the consequences rather than causes.


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