Disaster Recovery Scenario to Understand the Vila Health Community

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There are three triage categories: immediate category, which requires instant life-saving treatment, urgent category, which needs significant intervention promptly, delayed category, which demands medical intervention, but is not as urgent as other types and expectant category (Burgess et al., 2019). This system is necessary to assess the damage done to people and correctly further determine the order of assistance to save as many lives as possible.

A disaster is anything out of the normal that takes place and denies core courses. The disaster recovery process focuses on restoring and revitalizing communities affected by a disaster, like a train derailment that impacted the Villa Health community (Yuma et al., 2021). Planning and recovery are essential processes for proper management and community disaster restoration. Operational and strategic planning creates priorities, finds anticipated capability and performance needs levels, provides assessing capabilities standards, and aids stakeholders in knowing the roles (Miotto et al., 2020). The repossession segment is considered the main module of a calamity strategy. These are whatever takes place before, at the time, and after a catastrophe.


A train derailment impacted the Villa Health community and after consultation with the officials, there were gaps identified in their disaster plan. Personnel collaboration should entail a new triage and treatment process. The adoption of the MAP-IT structure was from the healthy people 2020 initiative. This plan was employed to schedule public well-being involvements such as calamity regaining (Andrade & Nogueira, 2018). This initiative aims to achieve high-quality life, equality in health care, and elimination of inequality in all population groups. The initial 2030 objectives should enhance communication with the local emergency services and achieve a healthy life free from injuries.


Vulnerable populations are social clusters that have an increased risk of adverse health states. For instance, 204 people are elderly having complex health conditions. A variety of ecological, social, and personal issues manipulate health conditions (Miotto et al., 2020). Health determinants fall under extensive sorts: social issues, discrete conduct, health amenities, and inheritances. Persons having pre-existing infirmities are more likely to perish in an ordinary tragedy (Miotto et al., 2020). Some obstacles affect the ability to escape a situation and communicate it.

The resources in VCRH’s health system affect the offered care, the ambulances are old and need an overhaul. Most of the equipment is outdated, the sickbay is running at obstinate discrepancies. The director of facilities states that supplies are short. Bankruptcy is looming as the town is at the hub of a financial crunch. There is a possibility of downsizing the nursing staff, and emergency services cannot function well without funding.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Firstly, the focus of disaster management is restoring and redeveloping communities affected by a disaster. The main executors should be the state and security and health services. Next, the institutions should increase clinical care and hospital standards. Limited resources should be employed to benefit the populace. The model might make the experts use ethical, permissible, and honorable pronouncements like the person to acquire immediate attention (Andrade & Nogueira, 2018). These measures are essential for such segments of the population as the homeless, the disabled, and other similar segments. This is because these people are overlooked and need help.


A multi-disciplinary team will deliver the best health-like rehabilitation according to the person’s medical requirements. The VHRC will benefit from officials working with government-financed agencies. Health services’ limited access will affect disaster recovery. The funding will support employing interdisciplinary groups and rehabilitation services, which will support the goals addressed by Healthy People 2020.

Health and Governmental Policy

The center for Medicare services gives subsidies intended to aid well-being upkeep organizations for the period of and afterward a catastrophe. The amenities must imitate crisis and wish to take part in CMS plans and acquire the capital. The rules confirm the facilities to create an emergency strategy, communication, and training that guarantees patient care coordination (Miotto et al., 2020).

The key source of authority is the Stafford Act, Disaster Relief Act, and Emergency Assistance Act.

Enhance Communication

The procedures and protocols developed will drive the actions of the first responders. An issue was identified by the Villa Health workers when communicating with local emergency services. Lack of communication resulted in resource waste and ineffective triage. All voluntary workers should learn a command chain with the disaster response scheme because it will ensure the proper utilization of resources (Andrade & Nogueira, 2018). The people responsible for the implementation are the local healthcare leaders and administration. They will coordinate the actions of teams and communicate the disaster relief plan to them.


The fresh skills acquired will ensure the community is finding the aid they require in a well-organized manner. The alterations and a new disaster plan should be implemented within three months. There will also be annual meetings to address any fresh concerns and alterations after the implementation of the plan, as this will help the leadership team be up to date and ready.


In summary, developing a refurbished disaster plan will guarantee the safeguard of the Villa’s Medical community. Thus, the development of an updated disaster action plan guarantees the safety of the Villa’s Medical community. Moreover, there is a need to revise and improve the elements of this plan. In addition, an important part of the effective implementation of the chosen strategy is the use of community resources and building and establishing communication with all segments of the population, especially the less protected ones.


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