Dissemination of the Practicum Project’s Results

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When it comes to addressing severe questions and acute problems, there are numerous vital phases of the process. For example, it is equally essential to create an effective and promising strategy and then make sure that all stakeholders recognize the necessity of solving the issues in the first place and agree to contribute to its implementation. This can be achieved through a competent approach to disseminating information that the target audiences need to know. Indeed, efficient dissemination is a process that allows people, firstly, to receive the information, and secondly, to start utilizing it in their practice. Depending on the target audience, methods of dissemination should be different in order to achieve better results.

The purpose of my Practicum Project “Tele-Sitter Clinical Staff Education” was to prove the expected contribution of Tele Sitter to the improvement of human and social conditions and facilitation of the work of nurses. The expected outcomes of the project were to justify the value of introducing this innovative technology into medical practice and proving the necessity of specialized informative staff training. Since the project’s results are rather valuable, it is important to think about the right way to disseminate them.

The target audience of the project includes healthcare providers, medical workers, and patients. First, it is necessary to make sure that healthcare providers receive recommendations from my Practicum Project so that they begin to create their individual plans for introducing the Tele-Sitter system to their facilities. The success and quality of the presented system mostly depend on the providers, which is why it is vital to make them interested in this project.

Further, the effectiveness of Tele Sitter also depends on the medical staff. Nurses will need to take part in the training program to become acquainted with the innovation system and be able to use it correctly (Akubuilo, 2019). If this project makes the nursing staff interested, it is more likely that healthcare providers will decide to implement the system because they will have the employees’ support. Finally, since Tele Sitter is aimed at helping increase patient care, clients are also the target audience (Zietlow et al., 2021). They need to learn about new technology that will be used by healthcare facilities, and this information will prepare them for changes in care and set them up for nurses to introduce them to Tele Sitter functions.

The choice of dissemination method may be informed by the background and interests of the target audiences. For example, when conveying the findings, conclusions, and recommendations from the Practicum Project to healthcare providers and nurses, it is better to prepare a conference presentation. According to Sawatzky (2011), “conference presentations are central to the dissemination of new nursing knowledge,” and there are specific steps that can help in preparing an effective and persuading speech (p. 37). The information can be disseminated “through either verbal or poster presentations” (Price, 2010, p. 35). The benefit of this method is that it is possible to develop discussions and convey the information to an extended number of people. At the same time, when it comes to informing patients, it may be more efficient to use a poster. Though this is a great way to provide patients with visual information, this approach is time-consuming, and it may be difficult to make many patients interested in the posters (Forsyth et al., 2010).

After graduation, I plan to join American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) and National Medical Association (NMA) organizations. Therefore, I would like to choose these companies for my presentation. However, since these organizations are rather serious, it may be challenging to get my presentation accepted, so I will have to additionally make sure that my project has valuable information and proposes interesting and innovative ideas and recommendations, as well as contributes to the field.


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