Homophobia: Causes of Prejudices and Solutions

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In the context of present-day development, diversity and equality present one of the major values. A tolerant attitude to each other regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other factors is actively promoted in the modern world. However, prejudices against particular categories of the population still exist. As for me, I used to feel indignant when encountering representatives of the LGBT community, which is titled homophobia. As a heterosexual, I could not understand their sexual orientation and considered it to be the consequence of psychological problems. Now, I have overcome all the prejudices against LGBT and abandoned subjective attitudes toward them. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to present the causes of homophobia and solutions to it and provide my reflections from the recent class discussion.

Causes of Prejudices

The possible reason, which results in prejudices against homosexuals, is religiousness. These days, religion does not have a precise attitude to LGBT, some adherers reject this community, while others show no resentment. In addition, different communities vary in the way they disapprove of homosexuality. Some of them quietly discourage this activity and forbid same-sex sexual practices, while others actively demonstrate their opposition. However, during a long period of human history, religion contains strict rules, which did not accept homosexuality and bisexuality. Therefore, people, who are followers of these beliefs, are opposed to the LGBT community and do not understand this tendency.

In addition, it is a widely known fact that the greatest fear of people is the unknown. For this reason, people tend to be scared by darkness, even though they are aware that their dark room is safe. This is also the reason for numerous worries connected with the future. Therefore, some people do not understand how it is to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. They cannot comprehend their lifestyle and their determinations, and for this reason, they have prejudices against them, which are based on their anxiety and fears (Spurlock, 2005). Furthermore, these people may be frightened by the possibility of becoming gay or lesbian, which also leads to a subjective attitude towards them.

Another reason for homophobia may be the widely spread stereotypes in society. Some people are not aware of homosexualism to a large extent, and, for this reason, they intuitively stick to public opinion. They lack information about the LGBT community and adhere to stereotypes that these people spend all their time at parties or they had negative sex experiences with a person of the opposite sex. In addition, some men tend to demonstrate their resentment toward gays, as they believe that they will look more masculine (Spurlock, 2005). However, it should be mentioned that currently, the reason for homosexualism is unclear. The aforementioned factors, such as religiousness, fear of the unknown, and adherence to stereotypes, are highly likely to cause homophobia.


One of the most effective approaches to reduce resentment toward homosexuals is communication with one of the representatives of the LGBT community. This method is even more helpful in case a homophobe knows a person before the conversation. This way, an individual with prejudices will highly likely to abandon them when revealing that gays and lesbians do not imply any danger or threat (Spurlock, 2005). In addition, a person will be capable of asking some questions about untraditional sexual orientation, which is also beneficial for changing mind.

Another useful measure is proving an in-depth insight into the issue. People will definitely believe in scientific research and statistical data in this regard. Thus, it is advisable to explore the studies on homosexualism, the feelings of LGBT, who are suppressed, the reasons, why people stick to a particular sexual orientation, and other issues (Spurlock, 2005). In case people are aware, their fear of the unknown will be overcome, and their wrong assumption will be dismissed.

Conversations about homosexuals and their lifestyle on a regular basis are also important for reducing discrimination against them. In case these issues are widely discussed, people tend to adjust and accept this reality and its specialties. Furthermore, dialogues in this regard may fulfill their interest and lack of knowledge in this field. Consequently, it may be an effective way of preventing homophobia among the vast majority of people.

A logical continuation of the measures mentioned earlier could address the sphere of education. Tolerance can be taught in educational settings, the same as other moral codes are promoted. It is essential to conduct special classes on diversity and sexual education at schools in order to dismiss any prejudices. In case people are used to the fact that homosexuals are the same as they from childhood, it will become a part of their worldview (Spurlock, 2005). However, it should be noted that this approach is beneficial in the long run.

Some film and cartoon directors adhere to including in the plot characters of untraditional sexual orientation. It is believed that in case adults and children will see representatives of the LGBT community in their everyday routine, they are highly likely to have a more respectful attitude to them (Spurlock, 2005). Moreover, it is assumed that showing both homosexual and heterosexual relationships in films and cartoons may make this event a habitual one in the future.

The Outcome of Class Discussions

As it has been mentioned above, the importance of discussion on discrimination and prejudices against some categories of the population cannot be underestimated. Therefore, I believe in the positive outcome of our class discussion. I cannot say that they changed my perception of this topic, as I have already had relatively sufficient knowledge in this regard. However, I have been provided with an in-depth insight into this topic. The discussions contributed to better understanding the position of people, who are discriminated against without a considerable reason for it. In addition, conversation on prejudices reminded the student of the necessity to treat people respectfully regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other factors. Consequently, the class was beneficial for adhering to tolerance and respecting other people.


In conclusion, it should be mentioned that despite the efforts to stick to tolerance, currently, people have a range of prejudices against some categories of the population. It is essential to analyze the causes of this subjective opinion toward some people and elaborate the methods, which contribute to abandoning them. Another fact, which should be noted, is that, after reviewing the possible causes of homophobia in the paper, all the reasons are connected with a person with particular prejudices, not with a representative of the LGBT community. Consequently, it is vital to broaden the mind and enrich knowledge in order to be aware of different topics and do not adhere to superficial stereotypes. This is the way, which leads to a tolerant attitude to each other among all the people worldwide.


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