Immunology Proteins: Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrin and Lysozyme

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The term immunology branches from the word immune system. The latter describes the body’s internal components employed in defense against microbes. The former is actually the study of the functioning of system itself. A study of the immune system reveals the existence three proteins this include lacto peroxidase, lactoferrin and lysozyme

Lacto peroxidase is actually a natural form of enzyme which is harbored by the saliva and mucus. It is thus produced by the salivary, mucosal and sometimes the mammary glands. This enzyme forms what is referred to as the Lactoperoxidase system. The system relies on hydrogen peroxide to oxidize various substrates within the body. Naturally, this process will denature all the bacteria found in endodermis linings and also in milk. Bacterial control in health care essentials and food relies on lactoperoxidase.Besides; the system has a therapeutic role.

However, due to its ability to catalyze the hormones secreted by oestrogen, lactoperoxidase may lead to breast cancer. On the other hand, within the transferring family, there exists lactoferrin (lactotrasferrin), a multipurpose protein. Just like lacto peroxidase, this protein finds its niche’ in major secretory fluids such as saliva, tears, milk (about 17% in human colostrum, 15% in human milk and about 0.5% in cow milk ) and mucus. This protein works against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Particularly, human infants enjoy defense from bacteria via lacto transferrin.

This glycoprotein is believed to facilitate assimilation of iron via intestinal lining. Incase of any inflammation, infants can thus be fully protected. The functioning of lactoferrin is boosted by the inherent ability of its superficial molecules (receptors). These molecules exist within the, lymphatic cells, in the intestinal tissue, white blood cells and partially in a class of bacteria. It is thus able to bind iron and navigate the entire immune system. Notably, lactoferin prevents microbial attachment to intestinal wall. Lysozyme is commercially derived from hen egg white as well as in tears, mucosal fluid and saliva. It’s a major antibacterial enzyme.

Essentially; lysozyme attacks the ordinary bacterial cell walls hence improve the lyses process necessary for protein extraction. This protein is known to inhibit malolactic is important to note that Important to note that lysozyme serves a vital process in controlling diarrheal complications in infants. A common eye problem, conjunctivitis, results also from lysozyme deficiency. In the host’s defense system, these proteins aid the organisms to evade major oral microbial problems. These proteins are perceived as vital agents of therapy within oral cavity.

These proteins are viable treatment for Otitis externa, a complication prominent in most household pets such as dogs and cats. It is believed that anti otitis processes kills all pathogens. This enhances treatment of middle ear complications. From the aforegoing, we’ve realized that the three proteins are useful in fighting bacteria.Thus, Otitis may require the proteins to treat it.Lysozyme inhibits bonding in bacteria thus destroying them. These three proteins are present in zymox; a natural solution to otitis in pets.Zymox mainly fights against yeast complications. As such, lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin and lysozyme serve as a viable treatment for otitis.

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