Intergenerational Family Issues

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The relationship paradigm within generations has always been one of the most challenging aspects in terms of examining the family as a unit. Thus, the notion of intergenerational family relationships primarily stands for the patterns of communication between family members of different generations (e.g., grandparents, parents, and kids) who generally have different points of view on society and behavioral norms.

In general, the major issues in terms of the following relationship are concerned with the peculiarities of upbringing, household management within the unit, and caring patterns (Hantrais et al., 2019). However, when speaking of the modern assessment of intergenerational family issues, it would be safe to say that the most challenging problem in the context of the 21st century is, in fact, the absence of such kinds of relationships.

Over the past years, the overall tendency of intergenerational relationships has come to a rapid decline because nuclear families are willing to run the household on their own from an early age. As a result, one of the insights in terms of the following notion is the fact that intergenerational relationship as a whole has always been such a complicated endeavor that it has eventually ended up in a situation of questionable existence within society.

According to the data, the problem is especially evident in the rural areas, where young people move away from their families for the sake of career choices, thus postponing the formation of their intergenerational units (United Nations, 2020). Hence, it may be concluded that the notion of intergenerational family issues has always been a social asset that allowed people to build a relationship framework that reflected the patterns of communication within the community as a whole. However, over the years, the issue has lost its relevance because families no longer seek communication between generations whatsoever.


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