Nursing Practice Using Modern Technologies

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Evidence-based practice is fundamental to the diagnostic work of doctors and nurses. Prevention of the patient’s suffering, alleviating the possible developing consequences of the disease, increasing professional risks determine the importance of a methodological approach to diagnosis. Timely but at the same time thoroughly substantiated diagnosis of the patient and appropriately selected and prescribed treatment can prevent all these undesirable processes only complicating medical practice. The sequential application of medical competencies, which is trained and thoroughly tested in specialized educational institutions, can be described as a kind of abstract model. This step-by-step structure consists of several interrelated steps that it makes sense to describe in sequence.

Sources to Complete the Research

The first step towards diagnosis and selection of treatment is knowledge of the necessary scientific sources that can provide the necessary reference material. In modern realities, hospitals and medical centers are equipped with cumulative databases and special programs that can be used to automatically analyze symptoms and even suggest appropriate treatment plans. Databases such as cureMD or IsabelDDX Generator can often be used by professionals for special reasons. Both portals provide certified Evidence-Based Medical Research so important in the diagnostic practice. Among other databases, Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MEDPAR) is considered an analytical device of the so-called hospital level and therefore is commonly recommended for usage in professional diagnostics. At the same time, the information provided on the portal is stripped of any possibility of patient identification and thus is confidential and ethically appropriate to use in medical practice.

Credible Databases

However, each particular case seems to be specific and requires professional analysis and trained competence. Therefore, reference databases publicly available on the Internet and at the same time possessing a high level of information accuracy are recommended to be used to search and verify information. For private cases that are more complex and require a personalized approach, it would probably make the most sense to turn to the MEDLINE Complete database. This portal contains the most impressive number of medical journals ever published with access to them. In the case of complex and not completely amenable to a definite diagnosis of patients, it seems logical to turn to the largest archive of medical scientific information.

The Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) is also considered to be a highly professional source of balanced analytical insights. Moreover, the statistical information of a resource can be used to represent a time slice in which fluctuations of various quantities are valuable (Rizzo et al., 2018). This resource provides access to extensive medical data, and can be used to approximate the cost of diagnosis and treatment.

Technologies for Collaboration and Communication

Internet technologies and today’s digitalization of communication can also influence diagnosis and treatment delivery. Social networks and improving communication channels, as research shows, are really used for international communication of medical professionals (Lucena et al., 2020). The transnational experience is especially important in the modern era, when the pandemic has changed the way of life and placed a great strain on the medical system around the world. Information is currently an extremely valuable tool in the fight for the health of patients. The opportunity to share experiences can thus improve the medical system sufficiently to be ready for any circumstance. Modern medicine must adapt and improve, and in nursing practice, the opportunity to improve professional skills through online communication seems to be very valuable.


Thus, evidence-based practice is necessary in nursing practice, but at the same time should be based on the use of modern technologies. The correctness of the diagnosis, treatment and care selection may depend on the quality of the software chosen for use. There are a large number of analytical programs and databases, but it makes sense to look for both the most authoritative and the most complete ones. Communication and collaboration are still important elements of nursing practice and modern technologies can be used to improve the international professional experience of the medical community.


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