Performance Appraisal and Pay for Performance

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It is not a secret that the public sector offers a wide array of jobs. Some of these often have a relationship with each other though others are independent. For this assignment, self-enrichment teachers and optometrists were chosen. Tutors’ primary task involves instructing students in groups or individually through demonstrations, lectures, and discussions (“O*NET OnLine,” 2021). Moreover, they focus on meeting their varying interests and needs through observation of individual characteristics. On the contrary, optometrists’ main task involves examining eyes through observation, using pharmaceutical agents and instruments to establish visual acuity, focus, and coordination to diagnose eye abnormalities (“O*NET OnLine,” 2021). These tasks form the basis for appraisal and pay for performance.

Due to their varied tasks, the methods used for their performance appraisal and pay for appraisal also varies. For self-enrichment teachers, I believe the best appraisal method is through management by objectives. On the other hand, optometrists are best appraised through 360-degree feedback. Concerning pay for performance methods, self-enrichment teachers are best compensated through variable pay plans, while for optometrists, the merit pay method is the most appropriate.

Self-enrichment teachers are often contracted to help individual students or boost their needs and interests to ensure they are exceptional in that particular area. Therefore, through management by objectives, they can quickly be evaluated based on their performance (Idowu, 2017). If students show poor performance, it is clear that the tutors have not met their objectives. This is why the variable pay method fits because it motivates them to work harder and as a team to ensure that they perform as required. Thus, the institution they work under is revitalized and mapped as necessary.

On the other hand, optometrists’ appraisal is best done through patient reviews. It helps evaluate the nature of the service they provide, better determine performance. Payments are best handled through the merit pay method as individual performance precedes organizational performance for this occupation (Idowu, 2017). Optometrists who deliver quality healthcare and receive better reviews should be paid more as they essentially are the pull factor for patients in an organization due to their prowess.

Performance appraisal and pay for performance are essential concepts in the workplace today. Managers need to identify the method that best fits and apply it. Further, employees need to ensure that they know the particular process to understand what is required in their duty line. With both parties having a consensus on both fronts, organizational prosperity is assured.


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