Personal Lifestyle Analysis and Recommendations

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Fitness is very important in maintaining a healthy body. On the other hand, being healthy is the key to a successful life. It is as simple as that. You cannot succeed in any field of life if you are not a healthy person. Health is something that relates directly to your physical body and to your mind. It is maybe the most important issue for a human being as the physical body and mind compose that being which we call “human.” We are the combination of body and mind, and health is something that affects them directly. That is why it is so important to have a lifestyle that suits the needs of a healthy body and mind. This is necessary in order to avoid problems in the future. In fact, this is necessary to avoid any type of problem in the future.

In today’s modern world, many people conduct a style of living that damages their bodies in one way or the other. This is true for the mind also. Many routine activities that we conduct are dangerous and even harmful to our health, but we simply do not pay much attention to them. That is something which will give negative results on the overall health and which will prevent us from continuing on our activities a before. Thus, it is a question of mindset, which most of the time is the reason behind many health problems for human beings. The essay is a practical example of the lifestyle conducted by the author and the possible (also actual) health damages that this lifestyle brings to the body and mind.

It is very important to know your lifestyle and the relationship it has with your health. Only by knowing its lifestyle can one take the adequate measures to change it if necessary for the benefit of his/her health.

Personal lifestyle

My personal lifestyle is shown by the survey. There are several key points that need to be addressed regarding the behaviors and conducts in my daily routine. It is important to start with the lifestyle presentation and evaluation with the personal physical appearance. Actually, my body height is five feet and eight inches, 135 pounds, male. Considering my height and weight, I would evaluate myself certainly not fat but a little thin. As described in the wellness test, the most important aspect of my social and occupational health is that I have chosen occupation and work that suits my interests and temperament. That is very important in relation to stress. On the other side, I am not very comfortable interacting with new people or people I have to work with. This lack of socialization limits the number of people I have interactions with during the day and the types of personalities that these people have. Since I do not usually feel comfortable and confident when meeting people for the first time, I get along well only with other people with similar personalities or attitudes. As we will discuss below, this type of personality and lack of social interaction has positive and negative effects on my health.

The section on the social and psychological health of the wellness survey emphasizes this social retraction. I have considered it to be very true that I have made decisions about my own death to ensure that I die with dignity when the time comes. On the other side, one can notice that looking for new opportunities and ways to support others along with undertaking new experiences is something rarely done.

Again, this demonstrates my lack of social interaction and limited friendship. One of the negative effects that this situation might have on my health is the lack of emotional support when needed. Friends are a great resource for comfort and support in difficulties which help the person affected by some sort of trauma pass it more easily. By being a type of person who prefers loneliness, like the one we are discussing here, you also have to bear all the negative consequences and stress formed alone, by yourself.

Another important aspect worth being noted here is that I have almost no understanding of the differences of the ranges between the normal range of emotions and the signs of clinical depression. Also, I have not found my spirituality to be a strong factor that helps me stay calm and strong during times of stress. That can potentially have a very negative effect on my health, especially the nervous system health status. By not recognizing the differences between the normal range of emotions and the signs of clinical depression, I can easily pass from one stage to the other. This would diminish my ability to prevent depression and its negative consequences.

And this is also confirmed in the section regarding stress and health. One thing that I always do is to reevaluate the way in which I handle stressful events so that I can better cope with similar situations in the future. In fact, this is something that I am almost “forced” to do since the lack of socialization diminishes my possibility for increasing support from others. This is something that has a positive side that allows me to prevent certain negative situations in the future or know how to act in others. Nevertheless, this “always alert” method drains most of the resources of the body and mind.

That is why many times I use alcohol or drugs during periods of stress. Neither do I know what stress management services are offered on campus, through my employer, or even in the community where I live. The combination of these factors does affect my ability to manage stress. Stress management is crucial for the functioning of many body organs (Scott et al., 12).

Let us pass to the weight management and nutrition section of the survey, which is something that directly relates to the physical body. Here comes one of the serious problems for my health. It is very true that I understand the amount of a particular food that constitutes a single serving. Nevertheless, I am short in obtaining the appropriate number of servings from each food group. Furthermore, I rarely consume an appropriate percentage of my daily calories from fat, nor do I balance my caloric input with their expenditure. This could disrupt the balance in my nutrition and the way the body reacts to this situation. The most serious problem would be that of not furnishing the body with the appropriate amount of nutrients and vitamins, which would directly affect my energy balance. That could be considered as my fundamental future problem.

In regards to the use of drugs or alcoholic beverages, my lifestyle and personal choices are not a concern for my health. In fact, I abstain from using illegal psychoactive or mind-altering drugs, and when alcohol is used, it does not cause me to behave improperly. And a final thing to note here is the fact then my use of alcohol does not negatively affect my family or other related people. This is one of the major positive sides of my lifestyle. That is because the use of drugs or alcohol is a major threat to the health of the body and mind. Nevertheless, the situation regarding drugs and alcohol usage should be “copied” for the other aspect of my lifestyle as described above.


The first and basic recommendation for the improvement of my health is that of balancing my nutrition. To be more specific, the need for balancing my calories intake and expenditure is one of the first things that need to be changed. A proper balance between intake and expenditure directly affects the level of energy in the body and, through it, the overall health (Moritz, 56).

Another important aspect that needs to be changed is my social interaction. It may seem unrelated to general health, but studies have confirmed that it plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of the mind and body (Sharky & Brian, 15).

Nevertheless, it should be a gradual process and not an immediate one. Being a gradual process will remove the stress that might be formed during the process. In fact, an increased level of socialization directly impacts the ability to manage stressful situations because of the support that friends give. I will not have to use all of my resources to confront a certain stressful situation. These are resources the body can use to perform additional tasks.


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