Social Change: Exploring Social Change

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From a personal perspective, any social change is an inevitable process. Society may be regarded as a structure that is constantly affected by historical, political, economic, religious, and cultural events. As a result, rules of behavior, cultural symbols, social functions, value systems, and social organizations change throughout human history. It goes without saying that social change affects all aspects of society, however, for me, social change is the outcome of the introduction of new systems and concepts that may be observed. Visual changes in family structure, demography, language, norms, values, or beliefs demonstrate alterations better than the understanding of influential factors. For instance, it is a well-known fact that technological progress immeasurably impacted cultural patterns, however, people perceive social change when they face new communication patterns or new ideas introduced and propagated by social media platforms.

Moreover, I believe that social change at the individual level is determined by large-scale global factors and changes in most cases. In other words, personal decisions concerning important events and even everyday activities are substantially affected by the macro-level social change (Harper & Leicht, 2018). For example, as previously mentioned, technological progress has already changed how people communicate and interact with each other. As a result, I noticed that in my family, everyone prefers to spend time with their smartphones instead of spending time all together, playing board games in the evening or visiting parks on weekends. The institution of the family and marriage has changed as well, mainly due to economic development and the ideas of social equality, the necessity of self-development, self-indulgence, career growth, and education. Thus, in my community, in my country, and in the majority of developed countries all over the world, people currently hesitate to marry and have children.


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