This is NerdyBro

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We started this platform to assist students who have difficulties with their assignments. At the same time, we didn’t want to take anything away from them in terms of knowledge and acquired skills. Academic dishonesty was also out of the question.
The only reasonable option was making a database with tens of thousands of paper examples that could be used for many purposes.

Our Beliefs

We think that academic excellence can be easily achieved if enough motivation and inspiration are involved. This is what we provide through our database. Along with that, our samples are a great information source that can help to uncover new knowledge.

Our Aim

We want to help everyone who’s struggling with studies. More importantly, we want to make this process as organic as possible without undermining the learning process. The main idea is that with proper help, it’s possible to overcome any challenge.

Why Are We Different

These are the factors that make NerdyBro stand out from the competition.


The structure of our database as well as each sample is well thought-through. Every work comes with all the essential information and handy referencing tools.

Highest quality

We have strict requirements for the content we publish. Every paper goes through a series of extensive checks to ensure it's free of errors and inconsistencies.

Undisputed authenticity

There are no two papers alike in our database, as each work is written by an actual student. All samples were submitted voluntarily and can be removed upon request.