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New Business Ventures Determination and Challenges

Factors that Determine New Venture Outcomes In today’s post-industrial innovation-driven economies, entrepreneurship has become a significant driver of job creation, economic development, technological growth, and innovation. New ventures or entrepreneurship refers to the process of starting and managing one’s own business to enter the social and economic mainstream in a...

The Global Non-Alcoholic Beverages Market: Comparative Financial Statement Analysis

Introduction The global non-alcoholic beverages market continues to grow due to increasing demand for soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee, water, dairy drinks, and other products. The Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola), Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc. (KDP), and PepsiCo Inc. (PepsiCo) are among the leading companies in the market. The purpose of this...

The Importance Speed Limits for Society

After introducing motorized vehicles to the general population in the 20th century, roads have become profoundly dangerous. The danger imposed by cars moving at high speed involves injuries and fatal accidents among both pedestrians and drivers. In response to the public health threat, the government has applied various rules and...

Consciousness of People and COVID-19

Consciousness is one of nature’s most enigmatic phenomena. However, admittedly, it is just a part of the natural environment. It must have developed at a certain point as a result of biological processes occurring inside the causally linked system that everybody calls nature. Throughout decades of philosophical and scientific studies,...

Supply Chain Efficiency and Effectiveness

Supply chain of effectiveness and efficiency describes two processes by which an operation manager successfully supplies a customer with a product. Supply chain efficiency refers to the internal standard of performance of the supply. Essentially, supply chain efficiency is defined as a measure of the company’s ability to gather resources...

Communication Challenges in Business

Introduction It is not a secret that communication is a complicated process of interaction and relationship-building between individuals. Since it includes many details and is influenced by different factors, misunderstandings and conflicts are almost inevitable. For this reason, when talking about communication in business, which also has its characteristics and...

Catharsis in Aristotle’s Poetics

Catharsis is one of the ways to rethink life, immerse oneself in emotions, and change important principles and habits. Aristotle noted the educational and purifying significance of music, thanks to which people receive relief and are cleansed of affects while experiencing harmless joy. This is one of the manifestations of...

“The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood”: The Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood is a story written by Charles Perrault in 1697. The work presents a dark origin of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale popularized by the Disney cartoon with the same title. While the story is similar to its Disney alternative, it is known for confusing...

Racial Capitalism According to Jodi Melamed

Society exists in a world that obeys the fundamental principles of human relations, which are formed, among other things, by the economic system. As a developed and popular governing concept, capitalism provides individuals in power with control over the lower-ranked classes. Utilizing the disadvantages of capitalism, a phenomenon that is...

Social Change: Functionalist and Conflict Theory

Social changes are more than imminent in the current society, with cultures, social institutions and functions significantly shifting and transforming with agents of change in society. The change is visible given the wide variations between the cultural practices in the previous societies and the current ones, and how social institutions...

Suicide: Statistics, Facts, Prevention

Have you ever thought of the fact that at this moment, someone is thinking about killing themselves? Unfortunately, too many people who appear fine and happy with their lives at the same time have to deal with depression or personality disorders that cause suicidal thoughts. According to the American Foundation...

The Theme of Acceptance in Literature

In the modern era of the fight against inequality, prejudice, and discriminatory standards, many people remain unaccepted by society, colleagues, or even family members. This problem is even more topical in the second half of the 20th century when Alice Munro, Flannery O’Connor, and John Updike created their prominent short...