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Transgender Diversity in the U.S. Society: The Issue and Personal Attitude

Introduction Slide Transgender diversity has become an integrated part of U.S. society over the last five years. More people now demand absolute level inclusivity and freedom provided by traditional institutes, such as law and family. As a result, it is critical to analyze this trend from different perspectives holistically. In...

Segregation Effects on Citizen Relationships

Calling the history of relationships between African Americans and white American citizens complicated would be an enormous stretch. Defined by centuries of slavery and oppression, it has affected the relationships between the African American community and white American citizens (Archer 173; Coates par. 7). Due to the rigid segregation policies...

Pay Discrimination in Modern Society

Pay discrimination presents one of the predominant issues in modern society of the U.S. According to information provided by the American Association of University Women (AAUW 2021), full-time working women are currently making significantly less than men, with only 83 cents paid for every dollar earned by men. Representatives of...

Effects of Ethnicity on Access to Therapy

Mental health is definitely one of the fundamental elements of human well-being, essential for a high quality of life and, oftentimes, daily life in general. Within the last few decades, it has gotten increased attention from the healthcare field and the general public alike. As mental health awareness programs are...

Physician-Assisted Suicide and Related Ethical Issues

It is important to note that physician-assisted suicide is a highly intricate and complex ethical issue, which requires a thorough analysis and understanding in order to draw any form of evidenced conclusions. Physician-assisted suicide PAS is an act where a physician assists a patient to conduct the life-ending action by...

Physical Exercise as a Habit and Its Positive Impacts

Listening to a podcast or a YouTube video is one way that can quickly motivate an individual to develop practice and embrace it as a habit. Hardy’s (2020) podcast is fundamental in guiding a person towards developing a routine. The speaker says, “if you want to be among the healthy,...

The Use of Technology and Education in Nursing: Reflective Journal

Over the past week, I have once again found proof that continuous education and professional growth are essential tools in nursing. When receiving basic nursing education, many students expect to gain all the necessary knowledge in a few years, exploiting the knowledge later in practice. However, the more I became...

Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health Outcomes

Introduction The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been significant, and in addition to the economic and social hardships accompanying the burden on the healthcare systems worldwide, the impacts on the population’s mental health outcomes have turned out to be extremely strong. Addressing this problem requires the full participation of...

Ethical Dilemmas Within the Health Sector

Introduction Ethical dilemmas play an enormous role in the decision-making process at hospitals and directly influence the outcome of any treatment. Nurses have to comply with numerous requirements from the guidelines established by a variety of policies concerning ethical rules in medical care. Therefore, it is crucial for nurses to...

Patient Follow-Up Visits: Project Management Plan

Introduction Successful and long-term practice change cannot be achieved without a well-managed project and the participants’ consistent involvement in all activities. The problem of the impoverished population skipping their follow-up visits has been identified in the practicum site and requires developing a complex resolution plan. Indeed, the number of missed...

Writing a Grant Application for a Nursing Career

Grants are an excellent tool for advancing science that enables young teams to develop their projects with outside funding. With the help of grants, scientists can realize their ideas and achieve results that can radically improve the world. However, as with any issue that involves financial support, using outside money...

Cariprazine: Mechanism of Action and Pharmacological Effect

A great example of a drug that acts as a partial agonist is cariprazine. Originally, cariprazine was approved to treat schizophrenia, both acute and maintenance, acute mania, and depression (Stahl et al., 2020). Cariprazine binds to D3 and D2 dopamines and several serotonin receptors with high and moderate potency (Stahl...