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The World War I Long- and Short-Term Causes

Introduction The great war was a global conflict that affected the U.S, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Ottoman empire, Asia, and parts of the Russian empire between 1914 and 1918. The first World War (WWI) affected the globe’s political, social, and economic settings based on the adverse effects generated...

Organizational Change Management Models

Introduction Organizational change is an essential process in the current organization. This refers to systematic techniques, policies, and knowledge to handle new approaches and structures. This involves adopting corporate systems, technologies, and strategies to deal with changes arising from the external business environment. Companies, including Walmart, must keep up with...

The CVS Health Quality Improvement Program

Introduction CVS Health is a global provider of healthcare products, services, and solutions with various healthcare divisions, such as “MinuteClinic.” While the company has created a competitive advantage over the years, a lot needs to be done to ensure it maintains this position amidst growing competition. Therefore, the organization needs...

Assessing the Strategy of Sun City Boards

The strategic management process is of utmost importance for any organization, considering that it allows the company to adjust to changes in the market or tackle pressing issues. Luckily, managers can opt for employing many tools designed to analyze different sides of business running and find solutions for any problems...

Urgent Need for Mobile Crisis Response Programs Within Medicaid

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the healthcare system is not ready for such crises. It is necessary to create unique units capable of responding in time to a rapidly changing situation to prevent similar disasters in the future. In this letter, I want to emphasize the need for the...

Followership and Servant Leadership

Leadership is one of the most important components of any activity, as it can ensure success in achieving the goals set by the team. Followership and servant leadership are two varieties of this phenomenon within the army profession. the distinction between these two leadership styles can provide valuable insight into...

The Netflix Firm’s Business Model Canvas Analysis

Business Model Canvas is one of the most popular tools for analyzing a new or existing business. An entrepreneur can upgrade or even completely rebuild the business with this framework. One of the most vital constituents of the canvas is the value proposition. It allows the company to highlight its...

Medication Errors as a Problem in Healthcare

Introduction The health care problem I have selected is medication errors. Medication errors constitute a common cause of mortality and suffering worldwide and can happen at any stage of the medication reconciliation process (Manias et al., 2020). Since medication errors can potentially occur in every part of the healthcare system,...

Comparative Case Study on Google and Nokia

Introduction The organizational culture and human resources of two significant corporations were examined for this paper. This paper contrasts the examination of Google’s success stories and Nokia’s failures, as well as examines both company’s organizational structures and cultures. Additionally, it pinpoints the two companies’ engagement and communication techniques in the...

Retaining Employees in Healthcare

Executive Summary As a result of increased budgetary funding for healthcare, the United States is now one of the countries with the greatest outlays for medical services globally. The healthcare system faces enormous management issues that restrict the quality and accessibility of care while raising prices, notwithstanding the significant spending...

Microsoft’s Sustainability Analysis

Introduction Sustainability is an essential social, natural, political, and economic factor for any business, especially corporations. Microsoft, in this case, is the subject of public attention on this issue: for this reason, there are annual reports with various factors showing positive or negative trends. This paper will examine the critical...

Discussion Types of Safety Masks for Epidemic

Since the pandemic, there has been a debate about which masks protect against infection sufficiently. A vast number of people believe that surgical masks are effective because they are made of synthetic material, and their middle layer has a filtering function (Gandhi, 2020). However, it does not protect the person...

Opening Conversation in Neighbor Rosicky by Cather

Introduction Anton Rosicky, the main character in Neighbor Rosicky, is a 65-year-old farmer who lives in Nebraska with his beloved family. The man is a highly kind, polite, and warm-hearted person who values his family and their relationship. The first scene in the story is fundamental: it influences the course...

Tuvalu’s Domestic Shipping Sector

Introduction The challenges facing Tuvalu in the area of domestic shipping are stemmed from many different factors. Typically, scholars identify issues such as long distances, small market economies, ports, infrastructure, technology, resources, experience and management, reliability of shipping services, natural disasters, and subsidies (Mies et al., 2017). Direct measures to...

Female Stereotyping in the Film “Frozen”

Stereotypes are generalized ideas about a category of people. They work when we attribute specific characteristics in a very generalized way to all members of a certain social group. Stereotypes are needed to categorize the world around us and ourselves in that world. They set ideas about what behavior is...

Analysis of “The Song of Roland”

In his song, Roland depicts that man was no longer the measure of all things since God was now the Supreme Being. Therefore, this led to the values changing to a focus on God, soul, and church. For example, in the story, the scripture is quoted in the book of...

The Impact of Technique on Yeats’ Poems

The poetic technique has an important impact on an author’s ability to express their thoughts in a poem. W.B. Yeats is one of the poets who succeeded in properly exploiting different techniques in his pieces to add diversity and value to certain lines and parts of them. The poems The...

“The Death of Ivan Ilyich” by Leo Tolstoy: Analysis

It is important to note that the concept of death is one of the critical and philosophical ones. Leo Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich. Throughout the storyline, Ivan Ilyich’s opinions, thoughts, and understandings of the reality of life and its end evolves through realizations of his own limitations. One...

Shakespeare’s Hamlet Character Analysis

Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century dramaturgy was an integral and perhaps the essential part of the literature of the time. One of the most prominent dramatists of the period is William Shakespeare, whose character analysis of Hamlet will be presented in this paper. According to the plot, Hamlet sees his father’s spirit;...

Amir’s Risk-Taking in Hosseini’s Novel “The Kite Runner”

Hosseini’s novel depicts how much people’s perceptions of their duties depend on their relationships with those in need of help. Amir, the protagonist, risks his life to save Sohrab, who turns out to be his nephew, from the Taliban. Based on Amir’s little compassion for Sohrab before learning about their...

Heroism in the Chapter 7 of “Víctor Rojas: The Lifeguard of Arecibo”

Heroism can manifest itself not only in altruistic deeds for other people but in individual opposition to difficult social conditions. The seventh chapter shows how Víctor gets to the award ceremony of the colonial government, where he receives medals and a certificate (Rivera, 2020). However, the people of the town...

Comparison of Male and Female Behaviors in Films

Art is a unique phenomenon used by individuals to speak about specific values dominant at the moment, embody various ideas, or discuss relations within society between representatives of various groups. Cinema is a unique form of creativity that is extremely popular nowadays and attracts millions of viewers globally. As any...

The Speech “I Have a Dream” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It is important to note that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech was the most profound, impactful, and monumental turning point in American history. It irreversibly shifted the United States to become more equal and less segregated, especially for African Americans. The charismatic speaker of the...

Modifiable and Non-Modifiable Causes of Hypertension

Cardiovascular disorder or hypertension is a chronic disease that is caused by increased blood pressure in the arteries, forcing the heart to strive to pump blood in the blood vessels. The disease does not have any apparent symptoms making it a silent killer. This disease is caused by modifiable conditions...

The Coordinated Management of Meaning: Definition and Key Characteristics

The Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) is a social constructionism-based theory that explains how people create meaning from communication and manage their reality. According to W. Barnett Pearce, one of the founders of CMM, “we live in lives filled with meanings and one of our life challenges is to manage...

“Enrique’s Journey” by Nazario and “The Kite Runner” by Hosseini

Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini follows the tales of the hardships of immigrants and minorities in a landscape that aims to diminish their ability to autonomy. As such, both works share thematic components of which family and dehumanization are the most prevalent and...

Literary Analysis of “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by O’Connor

A Good Man is Hard to Find is one of the most outstanding works of Flannery O’Connor, a writer whose blood-chilling stories confront the usual stereotypes about religion, the good and the evil. Indeed, in A Good Man is Hard to Find O’Connor condemns the conventionalism of religion and proclaims...

“My Papa’s Waltz” by Roethke and “Daddy” by Plath

Introduction “My Papa’s Waltz” is one of the most famous poems by Theodor Roethke. Four stanzas conceal the complex content of the child’s impressions of his father. “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath is a much longer and more controversial poem representing grief and hatred for the deceased parent. Both poems are...

Titus Maccius Plautus vs. Marcus Terentius Varro Reatinus Comedies

The comedies “Casina” and the poem “On the Life of the Roman People” by the two playwriters, Titus Maccius Plautus and Marcus Terentius Varro Reatinus, respectively, use the same writing styles in many ways. One of the common characteristics of comedies is severe and rapid dialogues, which are characterized by...

Apple Inc.’s Strategic (SWOT) Analysis and Success

Apple, Inc. has been on the list of the most successful companies worldwide for quite some time. The company has offered its customers innovative and unique technology products and high-quality software services. Among Apple’s products, the iPhone is the most popular and successful. For example, in the fiscal year of...

PepsiCo Company Auditing and Contingency Plan

An Auditing Plan/Balanced Scorecard A company’s effectiveness is determined by its strategic plan and how it implements it. Likewise, an organization’s current state and actions determine its future trajectory. PepsiCo aims to mitigate its weaknesses and risks using its strengths and opportunities. PepsiCo’s main rival is Coca-Cola in the arena...

Themes in the “Passing” Novel by Nella Larsen

Introduction The concepts of race and ethnicity are widely represented in literature as authors raise questions about society, culture, and their impact on identity and human relationships. Nella Larsen explores these notions in her novel Passing, where the two black characters adjust their personalities to varying degrees. In doing so,...