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The Role of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

Evidence-based nursing practice is defined as a medical care approach that seeks to incorporate the best scientific information and data into the daily work of the workers (Camargo et al., 2018). However, many organizations face a number of barriers that hinder its widespread adoption (Duncombe, 2018). As for my organization,...

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on Obesity Management

Raynor, H. & Champagne, C. (2016). Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Interventions for the Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 116(11), 129-147. Web. The paper presents the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics position concerning methods and techniques of...

Major Depression in Adolescents: The MoodGYM Program

Major depression (MD) is one of the prevalent disorders that affect most teenage adolescents. Twelve percent of adolescents aged 14 to 18 years will experience MD episodes, with potential negative impacts on behavioral health such as the increased risk of drug abuse, educational attainment, and interpersonal relationship (Leroy & Williams,...

Universal Precautions During COVID -19 in the Early Childhood Classroom

Today, people live during a pandemic, where the issues of global safety, cleanliness, and treatment have come to the fore. Students, teachers, and visitors to a school should all be treated with respect and safety by following a logical and proportionate approach to ensuring that the school’s facilities are healthy...

Evidence-Based Practice Article on Hospital-Acquired Infections

Health Care-Associated or Hospital-Acquired Infections are critical bacterial, fungal, or viral infections that patients acquire within 48 or more after hospital admission or within 30 hours after receiving healthcare (Haque et al., 2018). Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) are continually becoming a serious global health issue (Sahiledengle et al,, 2020). Healthcare facilities...

Euthanasia: Ethical Concerns and Controversy

Nurses’ professional ethics are founded on moral principles, which also inform their arguments for and against euthanasia. These ethical standards that guide nursing practice are codified in global standards, and they place a premium on autonomy. The ethical standards emphasize the idea that the physician does not have to concur...

Maslow’s Hierarchy and Framework in Nursing

The main concepts learned in the priority setting framework in nursing included Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ordering it from the lowest to the top of the pyramid, starting with physiological needs, safety and security, love and belonging, self-esteem, and then self-actualization at the top. The second concept explored was the...

Telehealth as a Future Common Practice in Nursing

With the global health issue such as COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth is becoming a component of a daily nursing practice nurse practitioners. Telehealth is introduced as a commendable arrangement both for patients and. The spread of telehealth appears to involve a significant reshape of the existence connection that underlies the customary...

Pain Assessment CDS

Introduction Pain is among the most common patient complaints, and thus, it is vital to address it in primary care. To identify treatment options and evaluate progress, initial and follow-up pain assessments are required. Clinical decision support systems can be used to make the process of pain assessment electronic, thus...

Prevention Strategies to Curb the Transfer of Salmonella Bacteria

Introduction Salmonella is an epidemic that has caused several health hazards to various groups of people. It has claimed lives, and many resources have been spent to help control the spread of the bacteria. However, the only practical way that can help in controlling the bacteria is through prevention methods....

Health Problems Associated with Obesity

Introduction Obesity is a complex medical condition that affects human health adversely in various ways. Obesity rates have been increasing exponentially across regions and countries for at least three decades. Currently, around one-third of the world population is considered overweight or obese – double the prevalence of the disease since...

Dental Fluorosis Mitigation Approaches in the US

Introduction Fluorine is a common element abundant in the earth’s crust. Naturally, the mineral occurs in the soil, rocks, and water with higher concentrations in places that have experienced geologic uplift. Many industrial processes are dependent on fluorides due to their use. The primary source of systemic fluoride is exposure...