Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most burning inquiries about NerdyBro database on this page. Chances are that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

NerdyBro gets all the samples for its database from voluntary donations. These are the works written by actual high school, college, and university students that we reached out to. Apart from that, our website has a special paper donation page where anyone can submit their original work.

Yes, there’s a series of rigorous checks that every paper goes through. Our quality control team determines if the submission is good enough for posting and doesn’t include any factual, stylistic, or grammar errors. Compliance with the specific citation style guidelines is checked too.

One of the most common uses of essay samples is to be the inspiration for students. These papers can also serve as an outstanding source of additional information on a topic. Most of our examples include lists of cited resources that can be used for further research. You can even quote the samples themselves if you like them so much you want to use them in your work.

Yes, we post samples of papers in their entirety. We don’t earn anything from sharing these examples, so there’s simply no reason for publishing snippets. As the whole idea of our database is to provide content for research purposes, it’s only logical for it to be fully available to use.

Our collection of paper examples consists of willingly donated works, so we have no right to charge people for using them. We wanted to create a learning resource where people could put each other’s knowledge to good use. Hiding the content behind a paywall would completely defeat the purpose. We want to help anyone who struggles academically and prevent them from attempting to cheat. In our opinion, that’s possible only with a free database of samples.

Initially, we wanted our database to consist only of essays but quickly realized that it’s pointless to create barriers for ourselves. So we decided to include works of other kinds too. The range of available paper types covers simple texts like articles and reviews all the way to studies, dissertations, and lab reports.

Not a chance. Our team strongly opposes academic dishonesty and attempts at cheating. Some students might indeed have more difficulties writing papers than others. Still, such assignments carry a lot of importance and help to develop numerous skills. That’s why we provide samples that are supposed to make writing easier without taking away the core purpose of this task. So, using examples from our database to submit as original work is absolutely out of the question.

Along with knowledge and skills development, academic tasks can also bring a lot of frustration and anxiety. Many students come up with various ways of dealing with that. From asking friends and family for help to hiring tutors and even essay writers. We offer one of the safest ways to overcome study difficulties. Our samples show how to write certain types of papers and utilize specific citation styles, they can inspire you and provide additional information on a wide range of topics.

As our database consists of voluntary submissions, it’s nearly impossible to predict what papers we’re going to get. So, we don’t take requests for publishing samples on particular topics. Still, our database is already vast enough to cover a multitude of academic subjects—there’s a good chance we already have what you’re looking for. If not, check back for updates after a little while.

Yes, you can. We have a dedicated page for user submissions on our website. It includes a form you’ll have to fill out to provide all the necessary details. Then, just attach a file with the work. After you’ve sent your submission, we’re going to take a look at it and, if it fits our requirements, add it to the collection.

We have samples on the majority of academic subjects and a variety of topics in our database. From social studies and literature reviews, all the way to space engineering and microbiology—or website has them all.

There are two options: take a look at relevant works listed on every sample’s page or browse the whole subject category.

So far, the plan is to keep expanding the database by adding more high-quality papers. There are a couple of updates to the website in the works, but they will take some time. Stay tuned for the announcements.

If you wish to remove the content you own from our website, visit the designated page to submit a request for content removal. All you have to do is fill out the form and provide proof of ownership.