Cantos V-VII Renato Poggioli

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In this work, Renato Poggiolio offers a comprehensive analysis of Dante’s work, highlighting numerous stylistic elements that aid in understanding whether the piece is a tragedy or romance. The approach used in the analysis of statements and quotations from the play and their consideration from diverse perspectives. Based on the details presented through the reflection of particular scenes, the author perceived that Dante was more concerned about the spirit than the letter of the text. Through this work, we can see how the author of Inferno arranged a descending order. The analysis of Cantos V-VII has revealed different thematic issues that are of major influence in the work. It represents the traits of characters, themes within the story, and stylistic use of words to reveal these themes.

In the book, a woman is seen to kiss the man, while society expects the man to kiss first. Through the description and analysis of the book, Poggiolio portrays the book as a romance. In the scene that is described above, the Queen kisses the knight, and Francesca does a similar thing in regard to the embrace from Paolo. This is a parallel occurrence that reveals the spirit of Dante’s work. There are numerous perspectives that are revealed through Poggiolio’s analysis of the work. It is clear that Dante fails to involve his own view and values in the style and language employed throughout the work (Poggiolio 213).

In passage VI, Poggiolio revealed that the passage was following acts as interludes between two speeches of Francesca. Additionally, the author focuses on the stylistic approach of the work. The braking and pausing are “sounding like the andante of a concerto” (Poggiolio 199). These are important in giving the poet an opportunity to describe the effect that Francesca’s talk had produced. Evidently, we can see that Poggiolio’s main argument was centered on the effect of the words and actions of the characters. The analytical approach offers a comprehensive picture of what the work centers on.

I think that Poggiolio’s argument is correct because he utilizes evidence from the work itself to showcase the diverse elements or traits of the poet, the characters, and other key factors. Another important aspect that is revealed through the analysis is how the different personalities in the romance assist in showcasing diverse themes related to the narrative. There are key arguments that cannot be understood in another way. This has been significant in revealing the diverse thematic issues and ideas presented within the story, such as vengeance, betrayal, and the concept of romance.

There are many issues seen through the analytical approach taken by the author. It can be seen as a commentary on the diverse events as well as how people can cope with the emerging phenomena within the story. The analysis reflects the different perspectives through which the work can be understood. Moreover, it highlights the central themes, traits of characters, and how the poet’s style assists in conveying the main message. Poggiolio has successfully utilized this article to critically shed light on the important issues within the story. Cantos V-VII analysis was very comprehensive and articulate.

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