Cleopatra: The Egyptian Woman Changing the World

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Many powerful women in history shaped a drastically new reality of the world that we see now. My name is Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, and I was the Queen of Egypt. I have dedicated my regnal years to establish a prosperous Egyptian economy and trade with many Arab nations. My personal life has significantly altered the historical path of one of the greatest empires, the Roman Empire. I was the last pharaoh of Egypt who put all the efforts into creating the Kingdom you observe and learn about today. My life ended tragically, but I have embraced the unique and rich Egyptian culture to make it the most flourishing realm in the world.

By taking the role of the pharaoh, I was considered the Earthly representative of Ra, our god of the Sun. All the land and the people of Ancient Egypt belonged to me and my authority. I was, therefore, endowed with an exceptional power to make a transformative change of historical Egypt. After my father’s death, King Ptolemy XII Auletes, I became the dominant ruler at the age of eighteen by March 51 BC. I believe I was destined to be the last queen of the Macedonian dynasty that ruled the Egyptian Kingdom. Most importantly, I managed to conquer the male-dominated historiography in both ancient and modern eras. I exerted all my efforts as a young ruler to integrate my skills as an accomplished diplomat, naval commander, linguist, author, and influential female figure (Alberto 12). I masterly governed my Kingdom regardless of the declining political situation and enhancing Roman involvement.

It is indeed a complex task to imagine a single woman influencing the entire Roman Empire. Nevertheless, I have actively impacted Roman politics during my rule. By maintaining the relationships with the two most powerful Romans of my time, Julius Caesar and later Mark Antony, I managed to keep my main enemies close (Alberto 231). Each of the relationships was based on mutual benefit since I was the ruler first. My Kingdom was in economic and political need of the mighty power of Caesar’s army to reinforce my own power as a ruler of Egypt. My connection with the Roman general Mark Antony was marked with the political constituent. I was determined to continue maintaining the independence of Egypt. I believe it was a mindful approach to using Roman resources to make my own Kingdom the most potent land.

As the prominent female ruler of ancient times, I valued my independence and power above all, which made me the most influential world leader. Even after my rule, Egypt retained its successful and powerful position in the global arena. Both diplomatic and intimate relationships with Caesar and Antony helped me get the most benefit for my people due to resources from Rome. Egypt itself was very fertile land, with the Nile river fueling the territory’s richness. I grasped the full potential of our water supplies of the Nile that gave the country the crucial resources, including fruitful fields and muddy banks. My foreign policy was directed towards preserving my power as a pharaoh and Egypt’s independence from the ever-increasing Roman influence. The trade policy-making was concentrated on Eastern nations to ensure the country maintains the essential connections with the external nations to augment its international impact (Alberto 126). Therefore, Egypt’s economy established the country’s status as a global force.

By promoting the idea of ruler worship, I played a pivotal role in shaping the future way of Rome’s and other western empires’ governments. My decision to end up life with suicide was caused by choice to not fall under Octavian’s authority marking the last war of the Roman Republic. My true historical power remains in my afterlife through the modern arts. As an enigmatic Queen of Egypt and a vigilant leader, I have finalized the era of the pharaohs of the Egyptian Empire and left a mark on its history until today.

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