Community Resources for People With Disabilities

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Health has been defined as disease absence, which might be why health promotion for people with disabilities is given less attention. However, Eagle et al. (2017) explain that it is essential to understand that health variations in an individual’s life do not differ from those of a person with disabilities. Therefore, communities have established health promotion resources such as recreation and fitness, rehabilitation, and meetings and conferences.

Recreation and fitness centers play a crucial role in improving the health of people with disabilities. They increase the strength of muscles, sense of wellbeing, flexibility, coordination, and balance (Eagle et al., 2017). Individuals with special needs can access these centers by using mobility devices such as walkers and wheelchairs. However, these resources do not have health promotion screening services, but physiotherapy and fitness professionals can collaborate to assist them.

Different organizations can construct areas where people with disabilities can meet and get educated. These conferences can incorporate teaching people such topics as proper nutrition (Eagle et al., 2017). The relevant authorities can ensure that individuals with special needs access the conferences through the internet. On the contrary, they might be provided with free transportation to and from the meeting places. Healthcare services such as cancer screening or routine cleaning of teeth can be conducted in the conference halls (Eagle et al., 2017). Community-based rehabilitation helps individuals with disabilities address their specific needs, develop their capacity, facilitate them to become self-advocates, and ensure they get equal opportunities and rights (Eagle et al., 2017). People with special needs might access these centers through personal appearance or conduct follow-ups through the internet. Additionally, rehabilitation places have health promotion screening services where individuals are checked for various medical conditions.

In conclusion, the health of individuals should be considered a priority by every community. Resources such as rehabilitation facilities, meetings, conferences, and recreation places help people with disabilities effectively control their health. This will play a primary role in reducing secondary health issues and make people feel valued and appreciated. Additionally, these resources help them realize how they can benefit society despite having special needs.


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