Staffing Shortage in the Health Care Administration

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Staffing shortage is a current issue in the health care administration. The majority of hospitals suffer from the lack of working personnel aligned with catering to patients’ needs. It is a case of a major health care barrier referring to the health care administration. The proposal of this scope is to address technologies liable for health care workers’ retention, evaluate the efficiency of a medical institute where there is a low turn-over rate, and assess the quantity of service of an organization with a staffing shortage.

A Short Description of the Proposal

As staffing shortage matter is the hottest issue nowadays, health care administration has to propose several outcomes for solving this problem in order to retain health care providers, thus stimulating an organization’s efficiency. It is evident that a high turnover rate slows down company performance and efficiency. Hewko et al. (2021) claim that a turnover rate is “frequently measured at the level of the facility or organization” (p.2).

To eradicate this phenomenon, health care managers implement diverse approaches to incentivize their employees to remain members of their organizations. Healthcare corporations have to usher in financial incentives (fringe benefits, bonuses) and non-financial incentives (paid leaves on an organizational behalf, collaboration among colleagues, focusing on personal development). As healthcare organizations are needed to amend some notions due to a low-efficiency rate caused by staffing shortage, the quality of their service is diminishing and might be reassessed.

Dietetic Clinics

In reference to healthcare organizations, such facilities as dietetic clinics would benefit more from these amendments and reforms, as this kind of organization lacks well-qualified experts in this sphere. According to Andersen et al. (2018), dietitians have to pass a complicated procedure on writing a licensure exam to be registered (p.143), which implies a few food and nutrition professionals to record. Due to the shortage of component dietitians, there are a lot of benefits that have to be provided to incentivize and stimulate the current workers not to fire.

Health Care Administration’s Case

This proposal addresses healthcare administration as it applies to tapping into data services via different methods of gaining information (wearable link), thus administering faster research to find beneficial solutions to reduce a staffing shortage rate. Besides, administrative approaches are implemented to facilitate a corporation’s performance in terms of financial prosperity rather than providing healthcare services. Similarly, the eradication of a turnover rate is a component of management policy.


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