The Palestinian Movement’s Goals and Significance

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Palestinians experience daily struggles, conflicts with neighbors, jail time, and gritty realities of dealers. The Palestinian movement is essential as it involves people’s self-determination and sovereignty over Palestine. The freedom movement organization was created after Hamas took over Gaza. The Palestinian movement is internationalized and attached to other ideologies to promote peace among Palestinians and other nations (Anabtawi & Brown, 2021). Therefore, the paper focuses on the Palestinian movement since people learn about diplomacy following the protesting events and preach peace, thus achieving unity and love among communities and nations.

The recent protest happened in the United States for solidarity with Palestinians following the ongoing violence between Hamas and Israel. People demonstrated to demand peace and the end to Israel attacks that killed many people. The protesters wore clothes and materials in white, green, and black color, demonstrating the Palestinian flag. The attacks and fights between Hamas and Israel left the region’s political perceptions unchanged, but they caused many deaths (Breslow, 2021). The protests transformed the Palestinian national movement. People carried placards written in solidarity with Palestine to show unity and love for others. The leaders from Palestine and Israel remained untouched since they showed no signs of ending their conflicts (Zanotti, 2021). People demonstrated and demanded that Palestine be freed. The demonstrators wanted to pressure the U.S. government to help end the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

For many years, the Palestinian movement has emphasized the irrelevance of existing diplomacy and the Palestinian leadership. Research shows that Protestants practiced decentralized nationwide demonstrations following the 2008 and 2009 attacks. The other demonstration followed in 2013 and was against the Prawer Plan, the 2014 protest against Operation Cast Lead, and the 2018 protest where major Palestinian communities participated (Anabtawi & Brown, 2021). Even the recent demonstration focused on these aspects and celebrated unity and the transformation toward youth movements. However, in previous Palestinians’ protests, fewer people were willing to mobilize behind these ideologies than what was seen following the Gaza attack. Previously, the Israeli security forces used to repress Palestinian Protestants with flags, and others shot or arrested. Hence, the people were afraid to join the movement and mobilize for changes.

The lessons from the Palestinian movement include the unity and love among the U.S. people to other nations. The attacks were the cause of the loss of homes for Gaza’s people. The protests indicate that people’s lives matter and should be honored (Zanotti, 2021). Therefore, Palestine should honor and read the names of those who died following the airstrikes. Leaders should prioritize the lives of their fellows and offer protection. The division among nations, families, religious, or ethnic groups contributes to conflicts and harms others.

Recently, the political culture among Israel Palestinians has changed from the traditional partisan to a socio-political organizational structure to fight for people’s rights. The lesson from the Palestinian movement is that security collaboration is paramount to creating peace in Israel. Other nations should support Israel and Hamas in building partnerships and trading boundaries to minimize conflicts (Zanotti, 2021). It is difficult for one party in a conflict to make game-changing decisions. This contributes to the continued political status quo even after the community’s change. Israel should avoid international occupation and focus on unity and security collaboration with other nations. Hence, it takes effort to influence a fundamental change to positively shift the dynamic that perpetuates the community’s status quo.


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