Baptist Health South Florida Hospital’s Values, Mission, Vision and Structure

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Mission, vision, values and organization’s structure play a crucial role in its success. This is because these statements provide guidance and direction in the company. Warrick (2017) explains that they define the organization’s core values and the expected employees’ behaviors. As a result, everyone understands where the company is headed, its goals and objectives (Warrick, 2017). Baptist Health, one of the most influential healthcare organizations in South Florida, has utilized its mission, vision, and values to provide quality care to society. Therefore, it is essential to explore each statement and understand its effectiveness and benefit to the company and patients.


Organization’s values outline the core principles of ethics, which the company should follow at all times. They help to inspire the best efforts of employees and force them to abide by particular instructions. Baptist Health South Florida values were created by the leadership and adopted by the other members and are followed when acting on behalf of the organization Our Culture, n.d.). As a faith-based healthcare company, Baptist Health South Florida focuses on core values of community, advocacy, respect, excellence and stewardship (C A R E S). The organization aims to promote the health of individuals and the community. Advocacy helps the company to provide charitable services and act responsibly when taking care of patients. Respect enables the workers to treat all individuals with integrity, compassion and respect, not considering their race, age, gender or origin.

The organization encourages the employees to work together to excel in whatever they do. This helps them experience the happiness and joy of taking care of other people needing medical assistance Our Culture, n.d.). Additionally, the organization focuses on exceeding the service and quality expectation of people they serve through innovative and inclusive efforts, consistent results evaluation and achievements celebration. The stewardship core value helps Baptist Health South Florida offer compassionate, cost-effective, and quality healthcare through appropriate and responsible resources management Our Culture, n.d.). The value statement of the company aligns with the actual behavior of the leadership and employees. The reason is that the hospital has been severally ranked among the most ethical organization. For example, Ethisphere honored Baptist Health South Florida in 2012.


Although Baptist Health South Florida has a value statement, it is essential to ensure that all workers understand it and act appropriately. This is because recruitments and hiring happen occasionally, and the new employees might not be aware of the values. Therefore, Warrick (2017) explains that the leadership can organize for orientation and training to explain the company’s purpose and workers’ responsibilities. The core values can also be improved by re-enforcing them in all communications such as emails, text messages or letters. Moreover, the organization can recognize and reward the employees based on how well they observe the values by offering them bonuses, peer voting opportunities, or written recognition (Warrick, 2017). This will help the employees to make the right decisions and involve patients in the treatment process. The organization should ensure that the public understands its core values by including them in marketing materials such as Facebook or Twitter. As a result, the company proves its commitment to offer quality healthcare services to patients.


A vision statement describes the purpose of the organization, what it is striving for and anticipated achievements. Baptist Health South Florida’s vision is to be excellent in clinical and compassionate care to satisfy the patients’ needs Our Culture, n.d.). The organization members know the vision statement because they are dedicated to providing the best services to patients. These individuals have also embraced the vision through generosity, commitment and compassion resulting in success and excellence. This has attracted many people worldwide to seek medical assistance, and it has enabled the organization to serve approximately 1.5 million patients every year. This vision has also helped Baptist Health expand its operation to different areas Our Culture, n.d.). For example, the organization has nine hospitals and more than three hundred care points that offer diagnostics, physical therapies, occupational medicine and urgent care. Additionally, it is the only organization in the Jacksonville region that provides pediatric care.


Baptist Health South Florida can improve the vision statement by shortening its words. This makes it easy for the organization members and the patients to understand clearly (Warrick, 2017). The company should also start by explaining its operations and focus on the customers’ requirements. The organization should summarize its impacts on patients or the world. Moreover, the leaders and workers should embrace the information and live it. Even though writing an appealing vision statement is good, it is better to have it absorbed in the actions, mind, and heart (Warrick, 2017). Therefore, the company should ensure that the employees do what the statement recommends to achieve future goals and objectives.


A mission statement refers to a concise explanation of a company’s existence purpose. This information supports the organization’s vision and gives directions to the workers, vendors, customers and various stakeholders Our Culture, n.d.). Baptist Health South Florida’s mission is to demonstrate Christ’s love by coordinating and providing quality care to enhance the lives of individuals who have been adversely affected by disease or injury. This is achieved by promoting wellness and health in the communities. Additionally, the organization exists to serve the health care requirements of Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida.

The mission and vision of Baptist Health hospital are compatible. The reason is that today the organization provides quality care to people and has served a significant number of societies and nations (Our Culture, n.d.). The roles played by these statements has helped people to get satisfactory healthcare services, build trust and become loyal to the company. As a result, the hospital has gained an excellent reputation resulting in its growth. Its mission and vision reflect baptist Health hospital values because the leaders and employees have applied them when serving patients resulting in the organization’s good image in society (“Our Culture”, n.d.). Therefore, the company will reach many individuals in future, which aligns with its vision statement.


A company’s structure refers to how activities are organized, coordinated, and divided within the organization. Moreover, the workers’ performance is controlled through proper activities structuring Our Culture, n.d.). Baptist Healthcare organization uses the Board of Trustees and Directors to help it live according to the required standards. The committee has developed a Corporate Compliance Program, which includes the best practices required to detect, prevent and deal with unethical or illegal activities’ allegations (Our Culture, n.d.). This exercise supports the company’s vision and mission because the employees know what to do at a particular time. The organization has also adopted a code of ethics that outlines its policies and procedures (Our Culture, n.d.). Therefore, workers understand the consequences of violating the organization’s ethical or moral requirements. The stakeholders also know the standards expectation that the company wishes them to adhere to.


Aligning the company’s structure with values, mission, and vision increases success because the leaders and employees focus on productivity. Conway (2018) explains that this can be achieved by communicating its current position and future goals. Baptist Health South Florida let the employees know how their efforts will contribute to the company’s success. This helps the workers to be accountable when serving patients. Conway (2018) explains that organizations can assist the employees to enhance their expertise through providing the necessary working tools, education and training. The company can organize seminars where managers are coached on dealing with different workplace situations. Moreover, the organization can appreciate the best-performing employees by offering bonuses such as paid vacations. This will help the workers to enhance the quality of care given to patients resulting in its growth.


Baptist Health Hospital is among the most significant healthcare organization in Florida State. This faith-based company has continually grown over time because of its good reputation derived from its effort to offer quality care to communities and nations. The hospital has outlined its core values, mission and vision statements reflected in the employees’ behavior while serving patients. As a result, people have built trust with Baptist Health Hospital; therefore, they travel from different parts of the world to seek medical assistance. The company will achieve its vision if the employees and stakeholders focus on its mission, values and vision.


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