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Every person has duties and responsibilities that he or she must attend to in life. Life is full of responsibilities either directly or indirectly, and one must ensure that they are achieved. There are responsibility boundaries that one must adhere to either by choice or by law, and it is important to understand these limits. The following discussion indulges in my life responsibilities and the extent to which I can handle particular duties.

Meaning of a Responsible Human-Being

A responsible individual is one who ensures that he or she takes her or his duties seriously and observes legal and societal requirements for a particular role. Community values and norms dictate what one needs to do in life based on several guidelines such as age, marital status, or gender (Brown 27). One is considered responsible if he or she fulfills the expectations of society based on his or her expected roles. However, sometimes roles are personal choices where individuals decide to do things that interest them and ensure that they put all efforts toward achieving the specific objective. Society predetermines the means of achieving one’s responsibilities, and any deviation may lead to sanctions (Brown 47). A responsible person should be one who is not afraid of his or her actions and is ready to be held accountable. When accomplishing a particular task, individuals should consider their moral, ethical, and legal obligations to ensure that their actions are justifiable.

Extent of my Responsibilities

I do not feel that I am responsible for a number of things, which include: first, I am not responsible for any individual act of a person who is of legal age, and I am not directly related to him or her. An individual who fails to take his responsibilities either willingly or unwillingly should be held accountable if there is any direct or indirect loss. The second issue that I feel am not responsible for in life is any duty that is illegal or against my personal principles. I cannot perform any illegal act since it is against my principles.

The extent of My Responsibility to Immediate Environment

I am a family person, and I take my responsibilities very seriously. I can do anything to ensure that my family is safe and economically stable if it is legal. However, my responsibilities beyond my immediate environment are limited to legal or societal requirements. I do not take duties that I am not directly required to take, this is to ensure that there are no conflicts with other parties.

Responsibilities That I Take Seriously

I take various responsibilities seriously in life since they mean a lot to me. First is school; I take my schoolwork and school life seriously since I want to graduate with good grades for a brighter future. The second responsibility is my health. I ensure that I take a balanced diet and body exercises to ensure I remain physically fit. In addition, ensure I have a constant health inspection, even when I am not sick.


In conclusion, I ensure that I achieve my responsibilities in an orderly manner by following my principles and state laws. Society structure and setting dictate one’s obligations based on their expectations. Health and education are my most serious responsibilities since they mean a lot to me. I do not feel responsible for the other parties’ actions unless I am directly or indirectly involved. When achieving my goals, I am guided by my moral, ethical, and legal obligations.

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